Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Fun Times In North Carolina

In North Carolina For November
We arrived at Robin's parents' home in North Carolina at the beginning of November.  That was the start of a fun month.

A couple days after our arrival we all loaded up in the truck and headed to Indiana to visit our girls and Robin's aunt and uncle.

Our first stop was in Newport, TN to visit friends Phil and Dixie. You may recall that we stopped and visited Phil in the hospital where he was recovering from a hip replacement.  We were amazed to see how well he walked into the Cracker Barrel.  Good Job Phil, and you too Dixie!

On to Muncie Indiana.  Our girls, Michelle and Jessica met us there for a fun evening.  Jess came up from Indianapolis and Michelle and her daughter Katie came over from Winchester.  Dinner was fun with lots of catching up on things.

Katie was a dream.  Good kid.  We sure are proud of her.  I recall her Mom, Michelle, telling us about an incident with some of Katie's homework.  She was supposed to answer some questions about Indiana, the Hoosier State.  One question asked the kids what the state motto was.  Katie had written down "Who's your daddy?"

Needless to say, Michelle quickly explained to Katie that that was not the state motto and helped her get the question right.   Remember Art Linkletter and 'Kids say the darndest things'???

We all stayed in a motel.  The truck camper sniveled its night away in the parking lot.  Sorry guy.  We'll be camping in you soon...

The next day we headed north to Redkey, IN to visit Robin's aunt and uncle, Louis and Glenna.  We always look forward to visiting them.  They are in their mid 90s and you would swear they are in their 70s.

Louis took Richard and me out to his shop to help him with a mechanical issue on his riding lawnmower.  Meanwhile, Glenna whipped up a four course lunch with dessert.  It was fantastic.  We can only hope to reach their years and be in as good health.

After Louis and Glenna we went over to see Robin's other aunt, Concheta at her nursing home.  What a hoot!  She is in her early 90s and is amazingly spry.  We had a lot fun getting all the scoop on the nursing home.  Lot's of stuff going on for sure!  It keeps her busy and entertained.

We returned to the hotel in Muncie and headed back to North Carolina the next morning.  It was a whirlwind trip but we had a fun time seeing all the family.

The presidential election was looming and a lot of political discussion took place around the kitchen table.  Robin's parents, Richard and Norma, and her aunt, Margaret, are staunch supporters of President Obama.  They have contributed time and money to his campaign.  Their knowledge of the issues was immense.  We learned a lot.

We all sat in the living room and watched the election with baited breath.  Needless to say, we were all relieved to see how things turned out.  We remain hopeful the impass between the parties can be broken and progress be made toward getting the country on a positive track.  Good luck to all.

We have so much fun spending time in NC.  The days are all basically the same. Norma (Robin's mother) fixes breakfast at 9:00am.  We all sit around the kitchen table reading newspapers, doing crosswords, surfing the internet or just talking.  That can last for a couple hours.

Then we head to the camper and get all cleaned up for the rest of the day.

Around noon to 1:00 we pile into Richard and Norma's car and head to a local restaurant for lunch, followed by a stop by Burger King for ice cream.  If any shopping needs done we hit the stores and then mosey back to the house/camper.

Late afternoon I fire up the latte machine and fix lattes for everyone.  Robin's aunt Margaret comes over and joins us.

Evenings are spent visiting and talking mostly about politics.  Once the election was over things lightened up a bit.  Still lots of fun things to talk about.  I think we finally got the world pretty well straightened out.  We'll talk more when we get together in May and see how things are going!

Thanksgiving was great.  Michelle, Katie and Jess came out to NC for the holiday.  Lots of fun.  It was the first time Michelle and Katie had been out.

Surprisingly, we did not do any hiking in the area this visit.  Rats.   We'll fix that next time.

North Carolina is always a shining destination in our windshield as we move down the road "Chasin' Our Dreams."

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