Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Are We Becoming Early Risers????

Up Before the Crack of Noon...
I have never been known for being an early riser.  For the last years of our working careers we were forced to get up early.   I rarely did it willingly.  We got up around 5:00am in order to be at work by 6:00.  Ugh!!!   Robin is a lot better at it than I am.

It could be the result of my penchant for staying up late.  I seem to wake up around 10:00pm and can go unfettered until 2ish.  That makes it a bit difficult to get up at 5:00...

So what the heck has happened?   We've gotten up at 4:00am three times in the past couple weeks!!!!

Yup, you read it - 4:00am THREE TIMES.   Sheesh.

Actually, it's been a ball.  We got up early so we could watch the park wake up.

We'd leave the motorhome around 4:30.  Jump in the truck.  Head to the employee dining room to fill up our coffee mugs.  Then hit the road.

The park is ours at that time of the morning.  We can drive for miles and miles and see only a couple cars, if any.  I guess not being early risers is the norm.  Whodda thunk?  Me being part of the norm???

Anyway, the park is amazing at this time of day.  Peaceful is an understatement.  The silence is hard for us to perceive given that we lived in a large city for the past 20 years.  Austin does not sleep.  You always hear planes, trains and automobiles - along with a mix of every other sound associated with a metropolis.

And those blankitty-blank thumping stereos...  Grrr.

Here, you step outside at 4:30am and you hear - nothing.  I mean nothing.  The animals are sleeping.  The roads are deserted.  All is silent and still.

It's magical.

If we go near a thermal area we can hear the ponds softly gurgling.  The steam vents silently hiss.  All else is silent.

It's eerily beautiful.

Our Inaugural "Sunrise Excursion"
We drove to the edge of Yellowstone Lake and waited for the miracle.

Where is the color?  Are we too late for the colors?  Perhaps this is one of those days with few clouds and few colors:

Oh well.   At least we saw some elk on the opposite side of a close by pond:

We waited.  Messed around with the camera:

Whoa!   What's happening?:

It's growing:

Almost there:

Tah Dah!!!

A Couple Days Later...
We got up again.  We didn't see the sun rise this time.  The hills and meadows looked like they were simmering with smoke.  The sky was blanked out.

It was fog.

The air was cold.  Warm water and thermal activity cause a lot of fog.

They say pictures speak a thousand words.

I'll just shut up and let them talk:

Did you notice something - No cars or people!!  Mornings are a great time to see the park.

And for us, anytime is a grand time for "Chasin' Our Dreams!"