Friday, March 9, 2012

Wet and Cold Friday...

Howdy all.  It is Friday.  Although we are volunteering here at McKinney Falls State Park, it is a lot like a job and we do look forward to Fridays!

Yesterday was quite warm and humid.  In the late afternoon we discussed the possibility of turning on the AC in order to sleep comfortably during the night.  In the early evening we felt a strong wind gust and the temps dropped drastically.  The predicted cold front had arrived.  No AC was necessary after all.

This morning we woke to the sound of rain and thunder.  Fortunately, there were no close lightning strikes like the one a few weeks ago.  It sure was cold when we went to work, tho.

We did our routine duties.  We ended a bit ahead of ourselves so we decided to take the Mule for a litter patrol on the 3 mile path around the park. We have walked this path more times than I can count, but this was the first time we traveled it in a motorized vehicle.  We had a fun ride, found some litter and froze our b....s off!

The Mule is an open air ATV.  It does have a windshield but the way it is positioned it diverts wind into the driver/passenger area.  This will be great in August when it is 100 degrees but today when it was in the low 40s, it was C-O-L-D!

After we wrapped up our work we returned to the motor home for a relaxing afternoon.

We were supposed to go to Liberty Hill this evening for a get-together with Bob & Kristine and Mike - old friends from Lone Star RV Park.  The weather was so uncomfortable we called Kristine and asked for a rain check, literally.  She sounded relieved that we were not coming so all ended well.  We'll get with them in the next few weeks.  Spring has sprung.  Things are warming up.  I'm sure we'll have ample opportunity to do it again.

That left us free for the afternoon/evening.  We did  not do much.    Robin watched TV, read and napped.

I spent quite a bit of time on the Internet researching cameras.  I finally pulled the trigger on a Canon S100.  Research supported my thoughts that it will do us a great job.

I considered buying one at a local camera dealer.  I was thinking about supporting local businesses but they wanted $40 more than I could get it for on the Internet.  I would have had to pay 8.25% sales tax too.  The one I ordered has free shipping and no sales tax.  I saved quite a bit.  Yay!

Now, I will no longer have any excuses for not having pictures.  Just you wait.  In a while you all will be saying "OK! Enough already with the pictures.  Jeez."

We grilled some chicken for dinner and watched TV.  Not a lot else to report for the day.

The weather was so bad I did not get out to meet any interesting people in the park.  One person I did meet briefly is named Chris.  He is here from New York.  His pick-up has a shell on the back and he seems to be pretty comfortable staying in it.  He is here working on a screen play.  He said it is nice and quiet in the park.  Because of very few interruptions he can concentrate on his writing a lot easier than he can in New York.  He also has a film being shown for SXSW (remember that from yesterday?  South by Southwest)

I wonder if I was getting a message when he said "I can get a lot done here because there is no one distracting me from my work....."????

Actually, he was very nice.  I am sure he would have visited more.  He did wave with all his fingers when he left today.  I understand that is pretty good for folks from up there.

Things are supposed to be purdy busy this weekend. I bet I can find someone tomorrow I can introduce to you all.  Until then, given the bad weather we will be content just daydreaming about "Chasin' Our Dreams!"