Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Totally Uneventful Day...

Activities for Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I have absolutely no news to share today. This entry is going to be so boring I can hardly stay awake to write it.

The weather was glorious. Comfortable temps, sunshine and no wind. It's amazing how much we can enjoy cleaning bathrooms, for crying out loud!

It is because we are doing it together.  There is no stress.  Our surroundings are incredible. We're greeted each morning by a herd of deer in the playground.

Travel Plans...
Just as an FYI - we have our plans in place for the next year and beyond.

We will be here at McKinney Falls State Park until the end of April.

We have six weeks to get to Yellowstone by June 14. We will spend that time visiting with family and playing tourist between Texas and Wyoming.

We have been hired to work at the Grant Village Gift Shop from June 15 through September 24. That is going to be interesting. I’ve never worked retail sales before. I am really looking forward to meeting all the tourists!

We then have October and November off to travel and play. We will be in North Carolina for a family get together at Thanksgiving.

We return to Texas the first of December. We will be volunteering at Seminole Canyon State Park from December to April of 2013.

Then we head to Alaska for the Summer of 2013.

We have some lines for potential work up there. One place in particular is just outside of Fairbanks. It is campground work. The schedule is 8 days on and 6 days off. We could do a lot of exploring with 6 days off!

We don't have that one locked down yet. It is a bit early.

Alaska is the main reason we have decided to keep the camper. We do not want to drive the motorhome up there. Its size limits where it can go. The truck and camper can go just about anywhere.

We are talking about a cross country bicycle trip when we return from Alaska. That is just in the talk phase. Nothing is remotely certain yet. We have talked and dreamed of it for years. We outfitted ourselves for bike touring last summer. We are ready, just haven't made the jump. We'll see what happens.

We certainly enjoy our life. We rarely have any issues; certainly nothing like the invisible man. Seems he needed to go to the doctor. When he tried to make an appointment the doctor told him he couldn't see him today. (Thanks, Michelle!!)

A Normal Evening...
We had a pleasant evening watching TV and grilling steaks. A friend stopped by for an enjoyable visit.

Sounds like a 'normal' evening doesn't it. Our lives are just like yours, we just change our view every once in a while! On slow days we spend time planning for "Chasin' Our Dreams!"