Monday, February 20, 2012

A Quiet Day of Friends and Cards...

Activities for Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy President's Day!  -  Did you hit that mattress sale?

Friends Drop By...
I was finishing up installing some screens at the group shelter this afternoon when Robin phoned to say we had visitors. Two of my old co-workers, Karen and Paula, dropped by.

I rushed home to see them. We had a fun visit while we caught up on the happenings at the Attorney General's Office since I left. Things are always changing. People come; People go. With our area being the IT Department, there are ongoing projects that require a lot of talking about.

I realized after they left that I had not gotten a photo. Rats!!

Just a Normal Day...
Other than that, this was another one of those kinda' quiet days. We've had a lot of rain lately so anyone visiting the park does so in mud. That means the restrooms needed a thorough cleaning. That equated to a full morning's work.

One way the park makes money that they can keep in their local coffers is selling firewood. They contract with a local firewood guy. He brings in about 2 cords when needed.

There is a large box at the park entrance. It is our responsibility to keep it full during the week. The wood sells for $1 per piece. They have a captive audience because gathering wood from the park is prohibited. Consequently sales are good.

They sold a BUNCH of wood this weekend. The box was almost empty this morning. We made four trips with the Mule to get it full again.

Each morning we do our basic chores and then return to the camper for breakfast. After that, Robin remains there and I do my non-standard work. I've mentioned in an earlier post that I have been building and repairing window screens for the group shelters.

Anyway, I spend a couple hours per day on extra projects. I hope to have the screens project wrapped up this week. Then on to other stuff.

We'll Never Grow Up...
We have the TV on while we take our break. This morning we were flipping through the channels when we bounced past one of those cooking shows on PBS. We were there just long enough to hear the host say "I need to cut one..." and then we were gone.

WHAT DID SHE SAY!!!????  It was too late to flip back.  We laughed so hard it was a good thing we weren't drinking milk  It would have been ugly. I guess some juvenile humor never gets old!

Contact Cards...
Yay! We finally got our contact cards. You know, business cards that are about fun, not business. Take a look:

I really like the picture. Remember when I was talking about our Florida pictures and I showed one I took on our Christmas Day bike ride? We get to share it with everyone on our cards!

Don't forget to ask for one if I don't offer it!

Well, as I've said before, some days are pretty unexciting.  Most all of our days are diamonds. We rarely have stones. Each one finds us "Chasin' Our Dreams!"