Thursday, February 16, 2012


Not much to report today.

We worked a bit longer than normal.  The weekend is coming and we needed to get our section of the park ready for visitors.  We are responsible for the day-use areas, the group shelters, the primitive camping section and the large youth campfire area.

Our tasks were to clean the restrooms, patrol for litter and check each cooking grille and fire pit to ensure all was clean and ready for visitors.

We also were asked to clean the restrooms and outside area of the large dining hall.

This took us until mid afternoon but it was fun walking through the park as we spruced up everything.

The primitive area is for tent campers and backpackers.  There is no electricity or water at each site.  Also, primitive campers must carry their gear a couple hundred yards as there is no close vehicle parking.  There is water available but not at each site.

While doing the primitive area I encountered a fellow who was setting up his hammock tent.  I have been intrigued by these.  My only experience with hammocks is the one most of you are familiar with:  the one suspended by its own framework and used for lounging in the sun on the patio.

This one was different.  It is a fully enclosed cocoon that protects the user from bugs and rain.  Here is a pic I grabbed off the internet:

Not an especially good picture but it was the best I could find.  Guess I need to carry my camera even at work!

Pretty neat setup.  Hope he stays dry.  Rain is predicted for late tonight/early tomorrow.

We got an email from Robin's mom tonight.  She said Robin's uncle is doing as best as can be expected.  He still has not had the surgery to fix his broken hip.  I guess they are waiting on more tests of some sort.  At least they are keeping the pain away.

The evening was nothing special. I grilled some hamburger steaks that turned out pretty good if I may say so myself!!  We really like our new Weber Q100 grill!

Other than that, we watched TV and played on the internet.

It is kind of funny how we think every day should be something special given our circumstances.  For all intents and purposes were are on an extended camping trip.  Then we stop and think "This is just our life.  Our days can be exciting or mundane."  Oh well.  Every day is fun no matter how un-exciting as we continue "Chasin' Our Dreams!"