Friday, August 3, 2012

Another Early Morning...

Third Morning Rising Early...
Remember my last post?  I said we got up three times.  I described two.  Well, the third was not as neat as the first two.  No pics for this one.

Truck Concerns...
Monday, we got up at 4:00am to drive 100 miles to Cody.  We had a 7:30 appointment at the Dodge dealer.  The "Check Engine" light came on about 10 days ago.  The Dodge dealer had blocked 5 hours to see what was going on.  $eemed a little exce$$ive to me but it wa$ a warranty job...

A beautiful morning.  Too bad we could not stop to smell the flowers and sulphur springs.

Did you know that the bison move about the park on the roadways at night?  We did not see a single bison, but they left a BUNCH of evidence of their passing on the road.

When we got to Cody we had to stop at the car wash to clean off the bison poop.  I could not make the mechanic work in it.

We got to my sister, Demity's, house at 7:15 all sparkly clean.  We quickly lifted the camper off and zoomed over to the Dealer.

In the five minutes between Demity's house and the Dodge dealer ----  the "Check Engine" light turned off!!!!

What th....??  Did the truck know it was going to the doctor and suddenly feel all better?

Prior to going to Cody I did some research and found out that these Cummins engines like to be driven hard.  They are work horses.  We have been puttering about the park at low RPMs.  That clogs up the pollution stuff and other techy things resulting in the "Check Engine" light glaring from the dash.

Considering all the bells and whistles on this truck you'd think it could have shouted "Hey, can you put your foot in it a little?  I'm choking to death here."

I have been running the past week at higher RPMs.  The Dodge guy said the system cleaned itself out by driving it hard.  Sheesh.

Oh well, let's get a couple other things done since we had 5 hours blocked out.  Rotate the tires, fix the little overhead light that has a loose connection .  On/off, on/off.  No clapping required.

Tires were rotated - $20 even tho we bought the truck from them  --  Kinda hoped they'd comp that.

Light - Wellllll, they couldn't get to it because the 5 hours were blocked for a different technician.

Grrrr.  I'll fix it myself.

We drove 100 miles through all kinds of crap just to get more when we got to town.

At least the issue causing the 'Check Engine' light cleared itself up.  I now know how to drive appropriately to keep the system cleaned out.  AND - the tire$ have been rotated.

We spent the rest of the day and night camped in my sister's driveway in Cody.  We sure do enjoy our visits with Demity and John.

Tuesday - Billings, MT...
Tuesday we went to Billings, MT; 100 miles from Cody; 200 from our place in the park.  It is the closest Sam's Club and Cabela's from Cody.  We needed some things from both plus it's fun just to get away for a few days.  It is kind of strange to realize just how remote Yellowstone and all of Wyoming are.  Towns are small and things are a LONG way away.

An interesting fact - Wyoming is a little over 1/3 the size of Texas, yet it has a population of less than 600,000.  That is sparse with a capital arse.  Traveling 100 miles to shop is routine.

Anyway, we camped, for the first time, in a KOA.  Believe it or not, it was the cheapest place to park for the night.  A nice RV park.

We Like Arctic Foxes...
Wednesday found us doing our shopping and looking at some Arctic Fox campers.  We've heard a lot of good things about them and want to get a bit educated.  Someday we will have to replace our motorhome and we are learning as much as we can about good quality rigs.  We have no plans to make a move any time soon, but it is fun to research.

The other day in Cody, we saw an Arctic Fox 5th wheel in front of a house.  I decided to stop and see if they were of a mind to visit.

Lois was a bit skeptical when she answered the door.  I explained that we saw their trailer and had never looked at an Arctic Fox before.  A couple minutes later we were inside it and learning all about its features.

To say she was enthusiastic about her RV is an understatement.

We were impressed with the quality of Arctic Fox.  They are now on our short list for possible future purchase.

Back to Cody...
We returned to Cody and had a fun evening with Demity - Pizza, adult beverages and a movie that kept us laughing - Wanderlust. (Disclaimer:  Some of the content is really not appropriate for young'uns!)

Days Off Are Over...
We're back in the park and ready for work.  Great days off with lots of time spent "Chasin' Our Dreams!"

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