Friday, July 20, 2012

The Tetons are Grand!

Hiking Through The Tetons...
This past Tuesday we got together with Charley and Karen for an 8 mile jaunt around Jenny Lake which lies at the base of the Grand Teton mountains.

It was incredible.

It kicked our butts.

The first half was along the eastern shore.  It is the most easily accessed portion.  So, it was the smoothest and busiest.  We met many other hikers.

The views of the mountains on the opposite side of the lake were awesome.  They were a preview of what was coming.

So we hiked:

And hiked:

And hiked some more.  We were getting closer to the mountains:

Finally!!!  We were in the foothills of the Grand Tetons!

The mountains are immense.   Pictures do not convey how big they are.

While looking at them I got the strange feeling that I was looking at something that was not truly there.  It was as if I was looking at a gigantic picture.  They were so incredible it seemed they were not real.

I am NOT  a photographer so here is a link to some fabulous pictures of the area.

The day was perfect.  We had temps in the 70s.  No wind, just a gentle breeze.  Some clouds to keep the sun at bay and great company.

After our majestic day, we stopped at Leeks Pizzeria on Lake Jackson.  The perfect ending to a perfect outing.

Days like this are exactly what we envision when we pursue adventures while "Chasin' Our Dreams!"


  1. Your pictures of the Tetons are amazing....
    Thanks for taking us with you via photos...
    Alot easier on us than hiking it!!!!
    Bob and Kristine :))))))

  2. I remember taking a bus tour through Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons back in 2001. Like you, I was amazed at their grandeur and beauty. Thank you for sharing your adventures, I'm adding your blog to my 'read frequently' list.

  3. Hey Bob & Kris - Glad you are enjoying the pics. Sure wish you were here with us...

  4. Howdy Cari - Wow! A new reader! Thanks! It sure is fun to see the blog readers growing.

    We are thrilled to be able to spend some time up here. You hit the nail on the head about the size and grandeur.

    Keep reading and commentiing - love to hear from you.


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