Friday, July 20, 2012

Just a "Normal" Day...

We DO Have to Work - Sometime...
To the rest of the world this is Friday.  For us it is Monday.

We've had a schedule revamp at the store.  Originally we were working five days per week:  Thursday through Monday.  Tuesday and Wednesday were our days off.

I've stated before that we are a very busy store.  That is true, but it is somewhat sporadic in guest activity.  As a result, there are periods of "not busy".  The parent company determined a need to cut labor costs.  That resulted in people, including us, being sent home early or sometimes upon arrival.

A week ago the supervisors were looking for ways to make the impact more predictable and less harmful economically for employees.  They asked if we were interested in scheduling more days off.

"Are you kidding?   More time off in Yellowstone?"

"Gee, lemme think about it."

Our answer jumped our of our mouths as soon as the question was asked.

"Of course we'll take more time off!!!!"

We went home and checked a few things.  If we work three days per week we will cover all our living expenses.  We won't have much extra, but that is OK.  We'll cover our expenses and not touch our retirement for the full time we are here.

We offered to work three days and have four off.  We figured that was asking too much.

Dennis, our store manager replied with a resounding "Yes! - and thanks for being willing to work less so others who wanted, or needed, more hours could have them!"

Did we really hear what we thought we heard?  The boss was thanking us for working less?

This Yellowstone place is magical.  Some refer to it as "Colter's Hell."  For us it is "Herber's Heaven."

That is why today was our Monday.

RVers Have Domestic Responsibilities Too...
Other than our hike on Tuesday, we have been caught up with domestic things the rest of our days off.

Living in an RV is similar to living in a house except every time you move your RV you are subjecting your house to a strong earthquake.  Things loosen up, break and generally deteriorate.   There is always something needing attention.  I am lucky in being able to fix almost anything that needs fixin'.

Right now it is our truck camper.  We are getting water inside during rain events.  I determined that the rim around the perimeter of the roof is leaking.  I spent the last few days working on that.  I have it almost all fixed.  A little more effort and it will be as waterproof as the Titanic...

After that, our hydraulic levelers on the motor home need work.  The electric motor is having problems.  I have that almost fixed too.  I would have been finished but the leaky truck camper took precedence.

Robin spends a lot of time cleaning, washing clothes (yup, we have a clothes washer and dryer - just like non-movable homes!), cooking and all the normal Domestic Goddess things in a household.

Even tho we are in an RV and live in different places, our life is a lot like everyone else's.

Time For Smelling the Coffee...
We do try to set aside time every day to enjoy a latte:

I have secret desire to be a barista!

Other than work and normal, boring domestic things, this was still a great day for "Chasin' Our Dreams!"


  1. Hey Kev....I miss your latte's!!!

  2. Hey Kris & Bob - We miss you too. My latte's have greatly improved. We'll have fun in December!

    -- Kevin

  3. Yellowstone is one of our most favorite places to be. Hopefully, we will get to workkamp there some day. Glad to see your blog, I just found it. Enjoying seeing where you've been.

  4. Hi Jeannie and Eldy - Thanks for finding my blog. Glad to have you aboard. Yeah, we love it up here. It sure surpasses our expectations.

    If you get up here, give us a holler. We'd love to meet you!

  5. Hi this is Michelle your daughter .... I love you!!!!


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