Thursday, July 19, 2012

Cody Wrap Up

This is a neat town.  We agree that if we were to settle down right now (ain't going to happen!) Cody would be our town of choice.

In the Summer it is all tourist.  In the Winter it is cozy and quiet.  It is definitely all cowboy all the time.  Real cowboys.  These ain't no dudes - they really do work cattle on horses.  When you see an old guy with bow-legs you can be sure it's because he spent a long time in the saddle.

Everyone is so friendly.

The bears aren't:

We spent a good bit of time walking around town.  Spring, Summer and Fall are short lived.  A lot must happen in a short time.  Trees bud, flowers bloom and the place wakes up quickly from their Winter's nap.

Robin especially likes the lilacs. Retirement finally has time to smell the flowers.

The road between Cody and the East Entrance to Yellowstone was described by Teddy Roosevelt as "perhaps the 50 most beautiful miles in America".  I could be persuaded to agree.  The area is entirely different from what is seen in Yellowstone.

We did a great walk with my sister, Demity along a road that parallels the highway.  The scenery speaks for itself :

We also found a possible new rig:

We had a lot of fun but were anxious to get on to Yellowstone.  We'll be re-visiting Cody and my sister and BIL a bunch over the next few months.

Onward to Yellowstone and more "Chasin Our Dreams!"

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