Sunday, March 11, 2012

Weekend Recap...

It was a dark and stormy weekend...
It started raining Friday and continued through Saturday, finishing Sunday afternoon.  The nice thing about rain storms are the magnificent blue skies that follow.  We had that this afternoon and evening.

I had not used our weather station since we stored the motor home.  I got it out and set up.

We got over 500 inches of rain!!!

Well, not exactly.  I had set the weather station next to the motor home to wait until I mounted it on the tripod.  It must have registered some run-off from the top of the motor home.  The actual accumulation recorded was 3.38 inches.   I think that was a little inflated.  I suspect the actual number was somewhere around 2 inches total.  Still, a great rain event for this area.  I have not heard for certain but I suspect we are officially out of the "drought" category.

We have never seen it so green this early in the season.  The permanent staff at the park are mowing like crazy.  The trees are leafing beautifully.  Bluebonnets and other flowers are popping up all over.  I hope this is a harbinger of a great flower season.

Check out this picture of the park:

I can't wait to get my new camera!!

We do like weathery days.  They keep us indoors and in slow mode.  It's great for a few days.  We would not want a steady diet of them tho.  I don't know how folks in the areas that are gray and overcast for long periods manage.  We have to have sunlight frequently.  We both get a little cranky otherwise.

With that, we did not do much on Saturday.  We got up early and did our shopping for the week.  Walmart was not too crowded.  Yay!

Well, That's a Load Off...
Robin has wanted a scale for some time.  We have been strongly adhering to our new ultra-low carbohydrate eating regimen since Feb 1.  We both have lost inches but we did not know our weights.

We are both down at least 10 pounds.  I came in at 207.8.  That sounds like a lot but I have not seen that number for years.  The last number I saw was 223, and had seen it up to 235 a while back.  Needless to say, we are ecstatic!  It really motivates us with our plan.

The amazing thing is:  We are stuffing ourselves.  We eat a lot of meat.   I mean, a lot.  Hamburger, steak, pork chops, port roasts, ham-cheese & peanut butter roll ups.  Lots of eggs and cheese.  We also eat quite a bit of green stuff:  spinach, collard greens, broccoli, snap peas and lettuce.

We have eliminated potatoes, pasta, corn, bread (well, most of the time!).  No sugar.  That means deserts, pastries, sodas, candy bars etc.

I only drink water, coffee, some milk, a little wine and occasionally an adult beverage.

It is truly amazing that we are satisfied.  We do not crave the old stuff.  Those of you who know me know that I had an intimate relationship with chocolate and ice cream.  After our breakup it is as if I never knew them.

Our regimen is very close to the Paleo Diet or Adkins.  We have done some reading but are not adhering to a specific "diet."  We are just avoiding carbohydrates.  Not necessarily concentrating on "high protein", just low to no carbs.  We saw it work for others and now it is working for us.  Don't forget that we were fully vegetarian for over 15 years.  I am living proof that a vegetarian can gain significant weight.

Other Stuff...
Fellow park hosts, Rich and Pat, had loaned us "Derailed."  We could not remember if we had seen it before, but shortly after it started we realized we had.  We watched it anyway.  Good movie.  Good story and writing.

I stayed up late reading bicycle touring blogs.  I get a kick out of them.  Check out Crazyguyonabike.  There are Journals of riders touring every part of the globe.  Very entertaining.

Some of the blogs I read have links to others.  I jump to the others and I gotta' tell you.  I just don't get what a lot of people write about.  They are waaaayyyyy too eclectic or deep for my shallow brain.

That was about it for Saturday.

Today we got up a bit late.  It was 9:30 according to the DST clocks.  Sure felt like 8:30.  Sheesh.

We had coffee and relaxed until the sun broke through the clouds.  The park jumped to life.  Lots of people out walking.  Kids out riding bikes and everyone enjoying the beautiful day.  We joined them with a nice walk around the park too.

Today's Interesting Person:
At the falls I met today's interesting person:
Jay was standing off to the side of the falls with his paint easel and paints.  He is an amateur painter.  He paints for himself; does not sell anything.  He works in the computer world when he is not painting.

His dog was helping a lot.  She even had a bit of blue paint on her head.  Cute.  I cannot for the life of me remember her name.  Rats.

Their work looked pretty good.  I can appreciate the effort for painting.  That talent passed right by me.

After our walk I disassembled our grille and did a thorough cleaning.  Hope our next meal does not taste like cleaning fluid.

Dinner With Good Friends!
We went over to Rich & Pat's for dinner.
They fixed a salad with shrimp and scallops.  Very tasty.  We have a lot of fun visiting with them.  They will be leaving on the 25th.  One of the fun yet sad things in this lifestyle is that you make great friends/acquaintances and then everyone goes separate directions.  Fortunately, we all are just a phone call or email away.

Dinner over, we came home and prepared for tomorrow.  This is the beginning of spring break.  South by South West is going strong. The park is jamb packed.  We will be busy this week.

We watch people come and go, rushing to get home after a fun weekend.  We realize how blessed we are with our freedom for "Chasin' Our Dreams!"


  1. You are funny, but definitely need to get that new camera. :)

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting. Yeah, it is supposed to be here Monday. Robin says she likes the drawings. Now I have a real dilemma....

      -- Kevin


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