Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Over 2000 Hits!! Yay!!!

Wow!  Check out the hit number.  Almost 2100.  That is great.  Hope everyone is enjoying reading this as much as I am writing it.  Feel free to comment if you want.  I would love to hear from you.

Beautiful Morning Walks to Work...
The day was gorgeous.  We walk back and forth from our campsite to the maintenance shop.  It's a couple miles round trip.

The mornings have been beautiful these past few days.  The temps are in the upper 50's when we leave around 7:30am but it warms up quickly.  By the time we get off around noon:30 it is nearing 80.

That's a bit warm for us right now.  Hope we do not see any 90's or more before we leave on May 1st.

Just One Of Those Days...
We all have them.  Days that are completely routine.  Not much new to report.

Got up - Walked to work - Did our normal maintenance duties - Walked home - Relaxed.

A Visit With A Great Kid and Her Great Dad...
We did get together with Alan and his daughter, Sophie.  It brightens our hearts to see this relationship.  There are people in this world who are clearly here to raise kids.  Alan and his wife, Alissa, are two of those people.  Sophie is a marvelous kid.  Lots of self confidence and LOTS OF ENERGY!!!

She is almost 7 and has become a voracious reader.  She just completed a 500 page book.  Can you believe that?  The only thing I did with books that big when I was a kid was sit on them to eat Cheerios.

Besides reading them, she comprehends them too.  You can talk with her about what she is reading and it is obvious she has a firm grasp on the material.

She adores her dad:

Our visit was the highlight of the day.

We tentatively made plans for them to come spend a night in our camper in a few weeks.  Sophie has never done anything like that.  She was excited to see it today.  We look forward to an evening around the campfire and some great S'Mores.  Hope it works out.

More About Friends Coming and Going...
I mentioned yesterday that our friend Rich and Pat left on their journey back home to New York.

Creating new friends for a short period until we or they move on is something we have to get used to.

One of the Park Rangers just transferred from this park to Tyler State Park in East Texas.  Louis is a great guy. We really enjoyed our short acquaintance and look forward to perhaps seeing him when we travel near his new area of responsibility.

Good Luck Louis!!

Whether it be raising great kids or moving around the country, we're all having a grand time "Chasin' Our Dreams!"


  1. New friends are one of the perks of this lifestyle. :)

  2. So True! Thanks for the comment.

    -- Kevin


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