Thursday, March 29, 2012

Lunchtime Get Together - WE Did Not Eat the Bunny...

Yesterday, Wednesday, we had a fun get-together with all the employees and volunteers.  We started with the monthly Safety Meeting and finished with a pot-luck luncheon.  Food was great and the company was even better.   We had fun meeting Janie's (the park manager) mom.  She has been here for a few weeks but this was our first opportunity to meet her.

The lunch was advertised as a birthday celebration for Cameron, one of the Law Enforcement Rangers.  Just before lunch there was some trouble in the park.  He missed his birthday party while he was out chasing bad-guys.  The good news was - he caught them.  He tried to be humble but he did admit it was cool to catch 'em :)
I had my new camera and forgot to take any pictures!!!! Rats.  We'll have another meeting before we leave...

Winter Must Be Over...
Well, Spring has certainly sprung around here.  Everything is lush, Lush, LUSH.  It's amazing to see the transformation.  The only negative is that it has been really humid.  Our morning walks tend to get damp.

Well, I guess there is a second negative.  The bugs are thick.

Oh, and another one:  the snakes are on the prowl.

Nature Calls...
The other day we got a call from Rich & Pat, yeah, that Rich & Pat.  Pat had heard a rabbit scream.  She recognized the sound so she walked over to the fire pit in their adjacent site and found a 5 foot rat snake in the process of killing and devouring a bunny.  She called us to come see it.  It was disgustingly interesting.

Soon, there were about 8 people standing around watching nature at work.

I guess the attention finally got to the snake because after some time he released the partially swallowed bunny and slithered away.

I did get pictures.  I posted the least graphic I could find:

Another New Experience - Maybe...
Today we got a call from the outfit hiring for this year's sugar beet harvest.  It sounds like a lot of work but only for a few weeks.  I've heard about these before and have been intrigued.  It will be another new experience for us, if we are hired.  It comes right on the heels of or our Yellowstone stint this summer.  The timing is perfect and the money ain't too bad either.  We'll see.

Hey - How Do They Do That???
That brings up another thing I am thinking about:  a stint at Disney World.  I've thought about that many times.  We had so much fun when we visited a number of years ago. I think it would be a kick to see the operation from behind the scenes.  I need to look into how to apply.  Stay tuned.

The Clock's a Tickin'...
We have one more month here.  We find ourselves looking at all the things we want to do and friends we want to see.  Guess we'd better get with it!  We've all been there.  It is time to leave and there are so many unfinished things.  We put together a list and are working on a schedule.  We'll see how it goes.

This lifestyle is a lot of fun but sometimes we have to do some planning.  We don't want to miss anything while we're "Chasin' Our Dreams!"

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  1. Hey, Vegas would be a good place to find work and they are always hiring short term I hear...


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