Sunday, February 19, 2012

It's Cool to be a Veteran!

Activities for Saturday, February 18, 2012
We had quite a bit of rain overnight. Somewhere around an inch. Per a lesson learned in an older post, I unplugged us from the pedestal when we started hearing thunder. Worked great. No problems with lightning!

This morning we went to the falls to see how they looked. Not a flood but there was pretty good flow.

The Jedi kids were out training while it was raining. We drove by and there must have been 30 kids outside the dining hall, all mock battling with their light sabers. Looked like they were having fun. The rain had not dampened their spirits. The Force was with them.

I was going to take a picture but our 12+ year old camera is not waterproof.

Got the laundry done! Always feels good to get back into clean clothes.  Robin can't wait to have her washer and dryer back in the motorhome.

While waiting for the clothes I set up our cell phone to work with our hands-off system in the truck. That is neat. It knows when the cell phone enters the truck and it gets itself ready to communicate. We can have it dial any number via voice commands. The conversation is heard over the stereo system.

I can see how this is much safer than dealing with the physical phone while driving. Also, with it havng a cab microphone and using the speakers, Robin and I can both participate in calls.

We almost always share calls so if you ever phone us, be careful what you say about Robin...

It is so easy and fun to call everyone. Our friends and family will be putting our number on their blocked list so we won't drive them crazy. Although, with the cost of diesel fuel going up, we may have to make shorter calls.

We visited with Robin's parents, Richard and Norma, who we spent so much time with in North Carolina. We always have a ball talking with them.

Bringing the Motorhome to Texas...
I am flying to Southbend, IN next week to get the motorhome and bring it back to Texas. Richard and Norma are heading to Indiana at the same time for a brief visit and to check on Louis, Richard's brother who broke his hip.

Our daughters, Michelle and Jessica, are going to meet all of us in Muncie for an evening of food and fun. I sure wish Robin was going but we decided that she will stay here so our commitment to the park will not be broken.

We also called my sister, Demity, in Cody, Wyoming. We look forward to our calls with her. We are anxious to get back up there in June. BTW – if you have visited the Buffalo Bill Historical Center in Cody, Demity works there. Pretty neat, huh!

Laundry complete, we went to REI to look at some rain pants. We have good rain coats. I have been interested in rain pants for some time. I think it would be fun to be able to weather any storm. We sure enjoyed our hikes in the rain in Georgia. We stayed dry from our waists up!

We did not buy any pants but we are better educated in case we decide to take the plunge.

Our friends, Kristine and Bob, met us for lunch at Marie Callendar's.

We had never eaten a meal there. The food was pretty good. The pies looked great. I was proud of us for resisting the temptation.

We recently decided to change our eating regimen to as low carbohydrate consumption as we can. We got serious beginning February 1. So far, we are both seeing positive results. We have a ways to go but we are happy with what we see.

Proud to have served...
A really neat thing happened when we were leaving the restaurant.

Bob was wearing his Vietnam Veterans cap. You've all seen them.

A guy walked up, grabbed his hand and said "Thanks for serving."
He asked if I am a vet, to which I replied "Oh, yeah!"
He grabbed my hand and offered his thanks to me, too.  He said he served there himself.

I was taken a bit back with his abrupt and forceful approach but it sure felt good.  Kristine said this happens all the time when Bob wears the cap.

Later I saw something on TV about our modern-day Vets and it got me to thinking.

I am so touched by how the country now reveres our soldiers past and present. It heartens me to see them being appreciated and their war-related issues being taken so positively and seriously.

I did not go to Vietnam. I enlisted in the Marines in 1972.  I knew many men who did go. Robin had a friend who lost both his legs from a land mine.

I cannot begin to imagine how it felt to go to war, suffer horrendous physical and mental injuries, and then return to your homeland and be hated. To be a pariah in the country that you offered your life for...

I remember walking through the airport in Denver in uniform. Someone shouted "Baby Killer!" and spit at me. I did not assault them, but I was sure tempted. I hope they eventually matured and repented.

Nowadays it is wonderful to be a Veteran.

Thank you America for thanking us!!!

Other Stuff...
We received a shipment from our mail forwarding service in South Dakota. We have all our income tax forms now. I worked on our return this evening. Looks like we will be getting a refund. With us retiring this year, I was not quite sure what to expect. Refund = Fuel = Good!

We bought some fish fillets. I've never heard of Swai??? Sounds like Kwai.

My first foray into fish did not go well. It tasted pretty bad. Thankfully, Robin's stir-fried collard greens with garlic and bacon were a huge hit! Yummm.

Strange thing about that Swai/Kwai stuff. I had a curious reaction; felt like whistling and building a bridge.

The rest of the evening was spent watching TV and relaxing. Cannot wait to be doing it in our motorhome where we will have 350 square feet rather than our current 85.  It will feel positively HUGE!

Folks are wondering what we plan for the camper after getting the motorhome back.

For the present we are keeping everything. The motorhome will be moved infrequently. The camper will be our exploring rig  (Alaska???). The camper provides us way more flexibility for travel than the bigger motorhome.

Between the two we have no barriers to us "Chasin' Our Dreams!"

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