Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Blogs - Motorcycles - Partying - Bad Hip - Another Routine Day

I stayed up late last night working on the blog. I got us all caught up. Now I can concentrate on daily updates.

This weekend I met some motorcyclists who are headed to Argentina. I spent some time reading the two blogs they are keeping:

What an adventure lies ahead for them.

I went over and caught them before they left and got a picture. Three neat people.

Matt (aka "pete"),  Bec (aka "coco"), Bob (aka "rufio")

We were supposed to get some rain this morning.  Did not happen, but this was one of the muggiest days I recall.  Fortunately the sun burnt off the clouds this afternoon.  That allowed the moist air to lift.  The day ended very comfortable.  The temp soared to 80!  Whew!

The day was pretty routine. We did our daily restroom clean. Then I built 5 new window screens. Tomorrow I'll install all that I have pre-built.

This afternoon we had an impromptu get together with the other Park Hosts. Lots of laughs and lies were shared. We'll have to consider making this a regular occurrence.

We talked to Robin's parents this evening. Robin's uncle, Louis, broke his hip. It is unsure whether he fell and broke it or if it broke and caused a fall.  Regardless, he is in the hospital in Muncie, IN waiting for a repair.

He is in remarkable shape for 94 years old, but his age does make surgery a bit riskier. If there is anyone who has the wherewithal to come through it, Louis is him.

We also discussed plans for my upcoming trip to Indiana to retrieve our motorhome. We have decided that the camper is great for camping, but for long term parked situations, we REALLY miss our motorhome.

I fly to Southbend, IN on Feb 26 and drive it back. It has been in storage since last July. We did not plan on storing it so long. Hopefully all I will need to do is re-connect the batteries and start her up. We'll see...

That's it for our day. Not a lot happening but it all moves us forward as we continue "Chasin' Our Dreams!"

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