Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Amazing Woman on the Flying Trapeze

Update for Sunday, February 19, 2012

This afternoon we walked around the park. It's fun to see the different people, their unique camping setups and what not.

An Unusual Rig...
We saw a fellow with a neat setup.  The car is a Japanese Kei van.  I have never seen one.  It is a left hand drive.  I don't know if the sign in the back window is required for left hand drives in the US.  He is from Canada, touring the US.

Later, we came upon a couple on bicycles stopped on the side of the road. They appeared to be discussing something. I asked if they had questions about riding in the park. They replied that all was fine. We started visiting with Alisha and Ludwig. After a few minutes Alisha mentioned something about the circus and the trapeze.

WAIT - Hold on. What did you say? Circus?? - Trapeze??

Come to find out, they are trapeze enthusiasts. They travel around in their motorhome with a collapsible trapeze apparatus. How neat is that?

Alisha is also a tight wire (tight rope) walker. They have a portable setup for that too.

They offered to get out their equipment and give us a demonstration. Who were we to refuse??

I got to help erect the apparatus. Hopefully, I was more help than hindrance.

Here it is going up:

We learned that besides "flying" trapeze which is when one person swings and another flies through the air, there is "static" trapeze. This is when a performer does a solo routine.

Also, have you seen the silk acrobats on Cirque du Soleil? You know, it's usually women doing beautiful gymnastic moves on a trapeze using huge silk ribbons rather than ropes.  Well, Alisha does that too.

Once the gear was in place she gave us a demonstration:

Wow!  I got sore just watching.  On a side note, Alisha is over 50 years old!

Ludwig is more the engineer and builder than acrobat:

In all fairness, Ludwig was a flying trapeze performer years ago.

Alisha showed off her tight wire prowess:

After a short time she was exhausted. I understand. Seeing it up close gave us a new appreciation for the talent and physical conditioning aerial work requires.

Here's an interesting note. Alisha shared that the aerialists we see on TV or stage are fooling us. When they stop, wave and smile, they are not taking time to appreciate our attention, they are resting!! My bubble was burst.

Alisha and Ludwig are not professional aerialists. They are active with the Imperial Flyers, an amateur aerialist club in Denver, Colorado.

Uh Oh...
Later, when we returned to our camper we saw a small motorhome on the side of the road. There were four orange cones behind it to alert traffic. Uh-Oh. Someone is having mechanical problems.

Sure enough, come to find out, when the owner was leaving her campsite early this afternoon she had gone only a short distance when she heard a horrible squeal from the engine. It quit running.

She started it again and got the same squeal.

Passersby told her it sounded like she lost her oil pump and she may have been spinning bearings. Ouch!

She was pretty upset while she was trying to get a towing company to come get her rig. After literally hours to no avail with her Road Side Service (Road Side No-Service???) she decided to leave it in the park and pursue getting it towed tomorrow.

Louis, the on-duty Ranger, and I helped back the rig into a nearby slot so as to be safe and no-longer a road hazard. I hope things are not too bad for her.

Can We Get a Rain Check On That?
Fellow Park Hosts Rich and Pat  invited us over to cook out this evening. We asked for a rain check until Wednesday.

Pat is training to become a docent at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center. They invited us on a tour so she can practice her newly gained expertise. We gratefully accepted to go on Wednesday, followed by our rain check for dinner.

The Rest Of The Evening...
I grilled hamburger steaks for dinner. We had some ground sausage that needed to be eaten. I mixed it into the hamburger. Yum - Yum. That was soooo much better than the fish last night!!

Robin, as usual, did a great job on the brussels sprouts.

We are so stuffed we are tempted to do our Templeton act by rolling on the floor with our feet in the air.  That would be quite a site given our small space!!

Robin watched her favorite program "Once Upon A Time" while I worked on the blog.

Robin and I were talking this evening about all the amazing things we are seeing and experiencing. We learn so much when we step outside our comfort zone, ask a few questions and break the ice with strangers. It all contributes so much to the life we live while "Chasin' Our Dreams!"

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