Friday, September 2, 2011

Back North in Cody, WY.

From Kevin:
Here it is!! Our new tiny home.

These have been busy but unexciting days. We took the camper to the manufacturer in Longmont, CO on Wednesday. They did some work on the riser mechanics. The top raises and lowers better than ever. Robin says she can raise it without any squealing on her or the camper's part!

The builder also discovered an issue with the refrigerator venting. They fixed that and we had to move the temp a bit higher due to things freezing. We did learn that carrots can successfully be frozen and thawed without losing their flavor. I wonder if snowshoe hares know this?

No charge for the refer vent fix.  While raising the camper to load back onto the truck, the controller for the legs that jack up the entire camper (not the roof we had originally had repaired) stopped working.  Outfitter jumped right on it and determined that the cord between the hand-held controller and the camper was bad. They replaced the cord, no charge.

It was a bit of a three ring circus as Robin and I worked on backing up the truck to load the camper.  Outfitter came to the rescue again.  One shot and Bob had the truck under the camper.

We are very happy with the work done by Outfitter.  Besides building a great camper, their service work was excellent, on time and they honored their quote, even with the extras.

Prior to taking the camper to the manufacturer we had the hitch extender modified by a local welder/hitch shop in Cheyenne. I always try to post our service experiences whether they are good or bad. Fortunately, most have been good. The hitch modification results are good but I was pretty miffed by the shop, Doolittle Hitch and Wiring.

When I spoke to the shop on the phone we agreed to meet on Saturday morning at 8:00. We were going to discuss the job and if agreed, do it. We arrived shortly before 8:00 and sat, and sat, and sat. Finally, after repeated phone calls I was able to reach Dan. He said he was on his way. He showed up at 9:15.

We agreed to the work to be done and had an verbal estimate of $150.00. This was to weld a piece of heavy metal to the extension, drill 4 holes for turnbuckle attachments and then weld on two nuts to allow for locking bolts to hold the ball receiver tightly in place.  The shop would supply the turnbuckle assemblies.

Not a lot of work for $150 but I know welding does not come cheap. Dan said it would be finished Saturday afternoon or first thing on Monday.

Monday came with no word.

Tuesday morning I tried to call. Got a message that the phone was temporarily disconnected. WHAT???? We want to leave on Thursday morning. We cannot pull the trailer without the hitch extension. What is going on???

I had Dan's home phone. I left a message saying we needed to talk. That we could work together if there was trouble but I NEED the extension back in order to leave.

A little while later I got a phone call. There was work being done on the phone lines. All was well and the job is complete. Great. We'll be right there.

We get there and the job looks great. One piece of metal welded with 4 holes drilled, the necessary turnbuckle parts plus the two nuts and locking bolts in place.

$206.00!!!! WHAT? You quoted $150 and it is a day late. Let's work on this.

NOPE. He stuck with $206. 00. We left on unhappy terms.

Later that day we went to D's 4 Wheel Drive to get a rubber floor mat for the pickup bed. I asked if they do welding.


Take a look at this. What do you think this would have cost?

Maybe $100.


If you need welding work done - Think about our experience if you are inclined to hire Doolittle Hitch & Wiring in Cheyenne, WY.

Thursday morning we loaded up everything and headed back north to Cody,WY, to my sister and b-i-l's place. The camper rode fine and the trailer is towing great. We hit strong headwinds immediately north of Cheyenne and it really blew all the way to Cody.

Just south of Chugwater, WY, on I-25, we noticed a truck pulling a 5th wheel trailer going the opposite direction. Their awning had come unfurled. The arms were extended and the fabric was ripped off the frame and flapping in the wind. They were going highway speed and obviously had no idea there was a problem. We felt bad for the surprise headed their way. We've heard of awnings coming apart while towing but we had never seen it. Hope the damages were not too bad.

Other than the wind, the drive back to Cody was uneventful. Things sure have dried out in these past couple weeks. The prairies are not nearly as green as they were when we came down.

We got to Cody in the late evening. Got all set up, visited for a short time and hit the rack.

Sheesh! It got down to 38 degrees last night. We used our sleeping bags under the covers of the bed. Slept pretty good tho - Sorry, Texas friends - Hang in there. The heat has to end.

This morning we helped my sister and b-i-l do some work to the back deck. That was about it.

Not too exciting, but some days are like that when we are "Chasin' Our Dreams!"