Wednesday, July 13, 2011

From Robin:
It has been such a beautiful day!  The temperatures have been a little lower today and it looks like we may be able to sleep with the windows open tonight.  We did have to use the A/C this afternoon but this evening we're just using the Fantastic Fan. 

This morning we toured the Newmar factory.  It was very interesting and we were impressed with the tour as well as the tour giver.  The factory was well run, very organized as was the tour and we came away with the impression of a very good product.  I can't say it was better than Carriage.  The quality seemed pretty equal between the two.  We were very disappointed with the quality of the Monaco/Holiday Rambler and the tour we got at that factory yesterday.  We have always like Monaco too so we were surprised.  We actually didn't see them building Monacos.  The tour guide showed us some of the towables and was not able to answer any of our questions.  This week and last week a lot of the factories were not in production because of the holiday. 

We are now getting ready for our trip to Wyoming.  Getting things ready to be loaded into the car.  We got the tent poles we needed for our bigger tent today so put it up to make sure everything was in order.  It went up beautifully and we were happy with the ease of putting it up and the size.  Didn't think about taking pictures while it was up but will post some later.  We sure have been impressed with REI.  We bought this tent at one of their garage sales.  This was a floor model that a kid had peed in and so was discounted.  We knew they would have cleaned it and we were not really worried.  At the garage sales there is a no return policy and that was a little daunting but it also said satisfaction gaurenteed.  I wasn't sure what that meant exactly but it made me feel a little better.  We bought this tent to use at Mustang Island at Christmas in 2009.  We decided instead to take the motorhome, which turned out to be a good thing.  So didn't even try putting it up until we started planning this trip.  We are planning to camp on the way to Wyoming so thought we had better try putting the tent up to see how hard that would be.  I'm glad we did because we found that we didn't have the right tent poles.  Kevin called REI and sure enough, they came through for us.  They really mean it when they say "satisfaction gaurenteed".  They told us what tent poles we needed and told us to go ahead and order them then they would reimberse us.  Our respect for the REI company escalated since we didn't expect anything based on the time lapse since we got it and the fact that we bought it in their garage sale.