Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Still in Goshen

From Robin: 
Still in Goshen.  Yes, we are still here.  Kevin had yet another surgery for kidney stones on the 6th of July.  He has since been given the okay to do whatever he feels like doing including moving on.  Yeah!  We do like it here in Goshen and have met some really good people but are anxious to head on to Wyoming.  Besides getting to see family and friends in Wyoming and Colorado, we are hoping it is a little less warm and humid there.
After being given the okay to do whatever he wanted, we immediately took to the trails on our bikes.  We didn't do as many miles for our first post surgery outing.  Just testing the waters.  We did 18 miles with no ill effects.  I think he is finally back to normal.  Kevin took some good pictures on our bike ride.  I will let him post them.

From Kevin:
Yup - what she said. We are still in Goshen. The medical thing was a nightmare. I have to borrow a word from another blog: "Sheesh!" Anyway, all is well and we are back to our normal craziness.
In the future, both Robin and I will be posting here. We will mark our contributions with our name to make it easier to keep track of whomever's opinion may be being thrust upon you. Up til now I just put what I was allowed to...

Here is a brief recap of our activities in the past couple weeks, minus any continued sniveling on my part.

LAST WEEK we visited the RV Hall of Fame and Museum in Elkhart. We had read about it on the Escapees forum and other RVer's blogs. With RVing being such a niche in our country, I think they have done an excellent job or preserving and presenting a great variety of vintage, unusual and important examples of RVing's history.
Our favorite was the 1931 Ford Model AA Housecar. We named it the "Pulaski" (locally pronounced puh-LASK-eye):

 The interior was incredible. Certainly the product of a dedicated craftsman:

Second on our list was the oldest existing RV. A 1913 "Earl" trailer pulled by a 1913 Model T:

 The interior is beautiful honey colored oak. The pictures give a good view but they do not convey the color adequately.  Blame the photographer picture taker:

Over the years, we have looked at literally hundreds of RVs. All manner of prices from the cheapest weekender to million dollar rolling mansions. Nothing compares to the obvious care and love that is present in these works of art.

We are not museum people. Having said that, we certainly enjoyed a couple hours visiting this one. If you ever find yourself near Elkhart, this is definitely worth the trip.

A FEW DAYS LATER the urologist released me. Yay!! We decided to see if he was lying about me being fit as a fiddle (maybe he was tired of my mournful screeching like a poorly played violin?) so we did a "short" 18 mile ride on the Pumpkin Vine trail. If you ever get a chance to walk or bike one of the many trails that are converted railways, don't pass it up. They are fantastic. This is no exception.
Fortunately, there is an access point about a mile from our campground. We have ridden to the trail three times since we arrived. It meanders past flower bordered corn fields and through tree shaded arbors:

This is a huge agricultural area. Many farms growing corn, beans and wheat. Probably lots more crops but if my life depended on being able to identify any of them, well, just dig me a hole.

There are a number dairy operations here too. Those dairy farmers, what a crazy bunch!!

CURRENTLY we are prepping to leave. Three weeks is way longer than we planned to be here. Our hitches are itchin'. We will leave here Thursday, but alas, without our motor home...
We are storing it in Elkhart as we car-trip west to visit Robin's and my families in Wyoming and Colorado. We also need to make our once-in-a-lifetime required visit to South Dakota to get our driver's licenses and complete our transformation (legally anyway) from Texans to South Dakotans. I'll explain all that in a future post.

Also, stay tuned, we have a BIG surprise in store in the next few weeks...

Before I close I want to thank everyone for the positive feedback on the blog. Those withholding "other" comments,thanks to you too! We are having a ball with it and look forward to hearing from everyone. Please feel free to share this with any and all. I've reached the point that being passed around is pretty intriguing.

'Til next time, we're just Chasin' Our Dreams!!!