Saturday, July 2, 2011

Life's Like a Rolling Stone

Well, this has been an interesting past few days. I have a history of kidney stone issues. Coincidentally with our drastically increased bicycle riding I saw some symptoms indicating another bout in the offing. Fortunately, there was no pain. We called our previous urologist in Austin for a recommendation. He ordered x-rays and suggested we contact a local urologist.

Sure enough, there was a huge stone in there. In fact it was so big that it would not fit in the ureter and so did not cause the excruciating pain normally associated with a stone. BUT, it needed immediate attention.
The X-ray tech suggested local urologist, Dr. Bolduan. We took her advice, and just as everything else has gone so far, this was an excellent suggestion. He saw me immediately on Thursday and scheduled the lithotrypsy for Friday afternoon.

The outpatient clinic was super. The nurses were professional, attentive and friendly. The procedure went without a hitch. They are so proud of their facility they invited Robin in to see their operating room. Robin was impressed. We could not believe it is 12 years old. They are so meticulous with its maintenance it appears to be brand new.

That has been the focus of our time here recently. No bike riding for a while. Hopefully, Tuesday we can get back in the saddle. We discovered another marvelous trail that goes from Goshen to Elkhart. Can't wait to explore it.